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2013 – As mature and wise Saturn makes its way through Scorpio, we all have the chance to deal with our deepest emotional issues. While there will be inflamed touchpoints in our personal lives and political arenas the most virulent power struggles must arise from their depths and be addressed. Jupiter changes sign entering Cancer mid year. As Jupiter is exalted in Cancer it can, from there, act most powerfully. This will ameliorate many situations – bringing about resolution and release.

The first wave of the harmonic convergence commenced on 11.11.11. It is the first in a series of the release of loving energies to help us to see, feel and appreciate our connection to all things living. At the same time we are being supported in being more self responsible people. This period will be trying to support your freedom from past emotional entanglements – be they from places, people or hurtful memories.

It will also release us from what is not ours to feel responsible for. Our past projections onto others should drop from us as we come to understand the ways in which we have allowed them to limit us. You may still find yourself confronted by emotional issues as they raise themselves to be healed but you will find more love also.

Don’t be surprised if you find you have uncovered new strengths, talents and abilities. You may find that you need more downtime to integrate the new energy – take some time to enjoy.

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Tarot Course With Patrick Rowlinson starting MONDAY 10th November to 1st December – 7 pm to 9.30 pm

Patrick will be teaching his informative and streamlined Tarot Course starting Monday 10th November and finishing on December 1st.

An action packed 8 hour course in total,  run over four weeks. 7 pm to 9.30 pm at The Argyle Oracle.

Cost $150 gst incl call 9247 4982 to book.

This course will enable you to read Tarot cards effectively and will give you a working knowledge of card layouts and reading techniques.

The Course ;

History of the Tarot

An Introduction to the Major Arcana

An Introduction to the Minor Arcana

The Court Cards

How to use Tarot Spreads

Reading techniques and presentation

You will be able to give a basic tarot reading from the very first night.

Comprehensive course notes will be provided. The course is based on the Rider Waite deck although other decks can be used by the student. These can be purchased at The Argyle Oracle.

The Guide :

Patrick runs a variety of metaphysics workshops. He is a professional psychic and has worked as a platform medium for over 10 years. His unique and gentle approach instills confidence in his students and he has an extensive and pertinent knowledge of his subject matter.

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