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Relationship Astrology – a short course

A two hour course on how to

- take the charts of two people, and combine them into a chart of their relationship, actual or potential

- calculate someone’s most significant planet, which helps define who they are and what they bring to a relationship

- identify the strong and more difficult parts of that relationship

- the class includes extensive handouts and pointers to further reading.

$70 per person, including tea, coffee and biscuits

Testimonial – December 2014

“Hi Helen and Anton,

I wanted to send a quick email, to thank you both for the astrology class on Saturday. We all have an enjoyable time, so thank you very much. I have taken some good information away from the class and it has sparked a new interest for me.”


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Employment Astrology – a short course

a two hour course on how to

- analyse the birth chart of a person, to find easier and more challenging options for employment

- calculate someone’s most significant planet, which will have a major influence on what they are best at doing

- synastry techniques for determining if a person and a particular employer are a “good fit”

- transits, significant conjunctions

- the class includes extensive handouts and pointers to further reading

$70 per person as a group calls, including tea, coffee and biscuits

As a single person course, $120

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Classical Astrology with Anton

Wednesday evenings, 7 pm to 9 pm

A practical, hands-on class in using the Astrology of Marcus Manilius and Claudius Ptolemy. Beginning with Natal astrology, the course aims to give you the tools to determine the planetary influences on the different parts of life, and provide techniques for answering specific questions. The course does not assume any particular technical knowledge of astrology. Copies in translation of Manilius’ Astronomicon, Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblios and the ZET 9.0.52 Lite software package will be provided.

Lesson One – Ptolemy, Planets Fixed Stars and their Natures and Effects

Working from Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblios, showing how to assess how planets interact with each other in a horoscope, how they affect the person, and how to calculate the ruling planet of a person.

Lesson Two – Manilius and the Houses

Working from Manilius’ Astronomicon, learning how to place the planets in the Twelve Houses, each of which bears on a section of life. Systems of House Division will briefly be discussed.

Lesson Three – Tools of the Trade

The free ZET 9.0.52 Lite software is an excellent tool for Classical Astrology, but it needs its own dedicated lesson in how to set up and customise this powerful program.

Lesson Four – Horory for answering specific questions

A discussion of how this system can be used for Horary astrology, including how to determine appropriate days and hours for differing matters, and the importance of a person’s ruling planet for questions involving them.

Lesson Five – Electional Astrology

Using this system for determining fortunate and less fortunate dates for events such as beginning new enterprises, marriages or magical operations.

Lesson Six – Summary, discussion and revision

A summary of the system as a whole, discussion of how it can be used, and time to clear up any points students are still unclear on.

Born in Hobart, Tasmania and living in Sydney, Anton is a working Classical astrologer with a particular interest in the system of Marcus Manilius, Horary and Electional astrology are particular interests, and he firmly believes that if you can’t see it, it isn’t a planet.

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Psychic Development Course

Psychic Development Course

Where: The Argyle Oracle
41 George Street
The Rocks, Sydney
Evening Classes: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Starting again in 2015

Cost: $275 GST inclusive
The Course

Reading both external signs (through a divination tool or the aura) and internal signs by being able to hear and interpret the language of your intuition will be taught in this course.

The course will concentrate on:

  • techniques for creating protection so that you can safely develop your sensitivity
  • grounding techniques
  • meeting and working with guides
  • the development of intuition
  • identifying specific psychic strengths and extending those talents
  • seeing auras and reading from them
  • exercises in psychometry (reading from jewellery)
  • reading from a crystal ball

The Guide

The course instructor is Helen Beckman, proprietor of The Argyle Oracle. She has run courses in both Australia and Asia and is a professional clairvoyant. Helen believes that psychic abilities are inherent in us all and can be nurtured and developed by anyone who has an interest in this field.

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Tarot With Psychic Development

Tarot With Psychic Development

A six week course in tarot that incorporates the development of psychic ability. The completion of this course will enable the student to read tarot cards effectively and will give them a working knowledge of some of the layouts and techniques used by professionals. Starting FEBRUARY, 2015

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Spiritual Development Course

Spiritual Development Course with Emory

A six week evening coure of opening, clearing and developing spiritually.

Starting Tuesday January 20th 2015


-deep inner work to open and/or strengthen your connection to spirit

- feeling the peace and power within

-accessing and strengthening your spiritual gifts

:your healing ability : opening the third eye : seeing the aura : psychometry

-working with the chakra system to release blockages

-emotional, physical, mental and spiritual

- healing the inner child

-accessing abundance

TIME : TUESDAYS  7.00 PM TO  9.00 PM

PLACE : The Argyle Oracle, 41 George Street, The Rocks NSW 2000 ph. 9247 4982 to book

COST : $275 gst incl.

INSTRUCTOR : Emory has been teaching spiritually since 1994 and has spent many years traveling the world opening vortices for Spirit to increase spiritual awareness worldwide.

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